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The toe lasting machine NOVA 4 SR I/P Master is equipped  with 9 independent pincers.
The main novelty of this machine from the Master series consists in the use of 2 injectors for the application of thermoplastic cement whose path , from the toe going right through to the ballpoint, can be completely programmed.

This feature , in addition to guaranteeing the desired standard of quality, also ensures a significant reduction in dead times and industrial costs, as it is no longer necessary to replace the injectors ( controlled by NC ) each time the last profile is changed , nor the injector for the toe part only.
The speed at which the thermoplastic cement is applied is guaranteed by a particular configuration given to the machine management software and, above all by the use of latest generation brushless motors, used for moving the injectors.

In designing this new model, we paid particular attention to the aspect of programming the work which is speeded up and particularly simplified, thanks to the new colour Touch Screen adopted on the Nova 4 I/P Master.
Indication are always visible on the screen to help the operator carry out all procedures correctly.The Nova 4 SR I/P Master is equipped with the pincers device that in just few seconds enables all the pincers to be positioned according to the profile of the lasts to be worked ( men's, women's or children's ) , without requiring manual intervention from the operator.
Each position of the pincers can be memorized, so when the operator needs the same configuration he just selects the corresponding program.
Thanks to the particular pincer blocking system used on the NOVA 4 SR I/P , it is possible to replace the front pincers in seconds ( an operation necessary for example when work goes from a women's last with medium - round toe to a women's last with very tapered toe ).
The pincers are available in various dimensions, with width ranging from a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 45 mm, and in curved or straight versions.

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    Reces has shown the complete range of lasting machines at Expocaipic 2013 fair held in Buenos Aires in the booth of sole agent MECCAL S.A.

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